Statement on accessibility

Brussels Environment undertakes to make this website accessible, in accordance with the decree on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of regional public bodies and municipalities

This statement on accessibility concerns the website Brudaweb.

Measures taken by Brussels Environment concerning the accessibility of all its websites and web applications

  • The Management Board of Brussels Environment has asked the authority to make all its IT tools accessible to people with disabilities;
  • A close collaboration has been established with Anysurfer;
  • Training is offered to the staff of Brussels Environment in the field of web accessibility;
  • Work has been carried out to make our web graphic charter accessible;
  • Video standards have been defined to make all new video projects accessible;
  • Accessibility standards have been drafted for administrative documents;

Compliance status on the basis of WCAG guidelines 2.1 level AA

partially compliant

The technical service provider for the development of this website did an accessibility audit in 2021 and solved the 'must fix' issues. Mainly technical accessibility (source code) and visual accessibility (colour contrast) were adjusted.

This website will be further adapted in phases as to comply with the guidelines for accessibility.

Date of the drafting of the accessibility statement

13/10/2020, reviewed on 30/03/2022

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